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The broad Zambezi River provides an excellent pathway for canoeing trips through remote game-rich wildlife areas shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The “middle” Zambezi, downstream from the Kariba Dam wall to the Mozambique border runs through a huge expanse of wild bush, including - the Mana Pools and the Lower Zambezi National Parks.

They provide wonderful game viewing opportunities and spectacular scenery with the steep slopes of the Zambezi Valley framing the horizon on both sides of the river.

Canoeists camp along the banks of the river at night.

All trips are lead by experienced guides familiar with both the river and the behaviour of big game. Most companies use stable “Canadian” style canoes and reasonable degree of fitness is required.

Shorter canoe trips are undertaken in many other places including South Africa’s Kosi Bay and the Knysna Lagoon, Namibia’s Caprivi region and on Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika.


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