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Tswalu Conservation

The Tswalu Foundation was founded by Jonathan Oppenheimer in 2008 with a single purpose; for visitors to involve themselves in Tswalu Kalahari’s ambitious research programme. Through the Foundation, benefactors may contribute to existing projects or even suggest and fund new research on a subject of their choice.

The Tswalu Foundation’s research programmes create a precious understanding of the Kalahari’s unique and under-examined flora and fauna. New knowledge is fundamental for the management and conservation of this unique part of Africa, as well as the development of a greater public appreciation for the elemental beauty of the Kalahari and the life it supports.

And such knowledge is shared here at Tswalu, just as it is being uncovered. Over the years we have learned that the success of a project is usually determined by how interactive it is; so researchers are encouraged to share their progress with our many guests who often then contribute to further work.

Researchers are invited to provide research material for each project to be displayed at the Motse. Our own conservationists and guides are fully inducted into the objectives of each study.

Tswalu Kalahari is driven by conservation and their ambition to “restore the Kalahari to itself”. Each guest contributes directly to the future of the reserve in a true model of eco-tourism.

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