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Born Free

George and Joy Adamson pioneered the practice of releasing animals born or raised in captivity back into the wild in the late 1950s and early 1960 which resulted in Kenya's first wildlife reserves being funded in part by the profits from their initial book "Born Free." Further books and subsequent films brought conservation issues to the world's attention and for this, we are eternally grateful to these spirited pioneers of animal conservation.

The Born Free Foundation is not only a symbol for lion conservation but for the protection of endangered species the world over. Emergency teams rescue vulnerable animals from their miserable and terrifying lives confined to tiny cages, suffering the cruelty of circuses and the appalling conditions of zoos. With the funds from Born Free, elephants, big cats, apes, dolphins, polar bears and many more species are moved to safety, living in spacious, open cages, whilst conservation efforts take place within the wild populations to ensure the future of these magnificent species.

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