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Mountain Ranges

Seeing snow capped peaks might surprise some visitors to Africa but in South Africa and east Africa it does indeed snow on the high peaks.

In Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain soars to over 5895 metres (19 450 feet) and has a permanent cap of snow as does Mount Kenya.

The Rwenzories – sometimes known as the “Mountains of the Moon” in Uganda are close to the Equator and have tropical rainforest spread across their lower slopes which provides a stunning contrast to their snow covered peaks.

Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands provide spectacular scenery, trout fishing and Alpine-like meadows. In South Africa the Ukhahlamba –Drakensburg range soars to over 3 300 metres (11 000 feet) and often gets snow.

These mountains are criss-crossed by some of South Africa’s best hiking trails and most spectacular scenery. Ice cold streams sometimes freeze solid in winter.

In the southern and western Cape high fold mountains plunge directly into the sea, creating a spectacularly rugged coastline.



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